At Crestone Designs, we believe that the quality of fabric is one of the most important details in producing quality functional clothing. A manufacturer can have the best designs, state-of-the-art sewing machines; but if the fabric doesn't meet the same standards then the garments produced will be below par. Our garments use only Polartec® Climate Control Fabrics® from Malden Mills®, the company that set the standard in polyester fleece fabrics. Polartec® fabrics allow you to stay dry and comfortable so you can perform at your peak. We also use USA-made Supplex® in many of our garments which enhance their durability in high-wear areas. Standards continue in our choice of USA-made elastic, thread, and the highest quality YKK zippers.

The high performance fabrics of the Polartec® system were designed to work together and individually to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable for leisure or active wear. Lightweight, warm, durable, moisture controlling, and water resistant are the features you'll find in these non-pilling, easy-care garments made from Polartec® fabrics.

Polartec® 100 Power Stretch® fabrics offer body-hugging four-way stretch with moisture management. There are two unique surfaces: the durable, non-pilling nylon outer surface resists abrasion and offer moderate wind resistance, while next-to-skin the soft velour pile wicks perspiration, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Designed to be the first or only layer in the Body Climate™ System, Power Stretch® fabrics are ideal for indoor or outdoor sports that require maximum freedom of movement and moisture management.

Polartec® 100 Power Stretch®/Cordura® is a new style of Power Stretch® fabric that utilizes a higher quality 160 denier nylon thread outer surface that is extremely durable for high performance and longevity in the most demanding activities. The outer surface also offers better wind resistance then the basic style of Power Stretch®.

Polartec® 200 Power Stretch® is also a four-way stretch fabric which has a durable double sided non-pilling velour finish. This double surface contains tiny air pockets that trap air on both sides, creating an insulating zone. This fabric is an also an excellent choice for inner layer and outer layer garment.

Polartec® 200 BiPolar Series fabrics provide exceptional warmth without weight, as well as weather resistance. Engineered with BiPolar Technology™, this fabric had two unique surfaces: a durable outer layer protects you from the weather; a comfortable inner layer provides insulation. Designed to be the middle or outer layer in the Body Climate™ System. 200 BiPolar fabrics are ideal for wearers engaged in weather-exposed sports.

Polartec® Windbloc® fabrics combine the maximum warmth of Polartec® fleece with a windproof/water-resistant breathable barrier, eliminating the need for a windbreaker or other additional shell. Designed to be an outer layer in the Body Climate™ System, Windbloc® fabrics are engineered to minimize heat loss from exposure to wind and water. They are ideal for outdoor activities when cold and inclement weather demand high-performance outer protection.

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